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Spider-Man Homecoming was a nice surprise, capturing the spirit of the character as well or better than any previous film. And so, of course, we were compelled to sin it. And really, movies are just there to be fun and enjoyed. Obviously not every film succeeds, but that’s the heart of what they’re about, so hearing someone say what’s good about any film and why they’re worth existing is always good. Besides, liking things is always better than not liking things.

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  • The prequel films of Star Wars have a lot of this.
  • Dysfunctional parents, which many films argue are the only ones that exist.
  • Look at literally anytime they review a marvel movie.
  • And in doing so, you can treat your characters with more respect.
  • If it’s good or great, then he delves more deeply into what makes it good and addresses some of the criticisms made to refute or smooth them over.

I just wonder why fans think their×07-los-pies-en-el-cemento/ personal comfort & taste should affect the artists views on how short or long they feel their story should be. I doubt as many ppl thought this way decades ago. Or the more accurate way to say it is…movies that were just as long in the old days were not met with the same amount of groans from the audience. Im talking the fake “my attention span is lower because I’m given everything at once. Movies don’t need to be 3 hours or even 2.5 man!


And even still, what Rey does is perfectly consistent with the character. “Emotionally dishonest” doesn’t mean anything here because her actions are a natural outgrowth of her particular focuses in this film. TLJ is far from the worst made movie in Star Wars, but, given the choice of watching it or any other Star Wars movie, I’m going to pick any other Star Wars movie. There’s zero ambiguity based on the framing and editing of Rey’s choice to immediately kill him just as there was no ambiguity for Luke to join Vader. She heard the worst possible thing she could’ve heard given her desire to feel like she matters, and responded with the proper energy.

Video Examples:

Maybe the director disagrees with you. “It’s a Lord of the Rings movie so it needs to be an epic! Maybe the new director wants his LOTR to be 1 hr 55 because they can’t see that particular story being a minute longer.

CinemaWins begins with the awarding of Wins during a sequential advance through the film as Sins does, and that composes a majority of the video time. Then there’s a second large segment follows that looks at the film more broadly than the specific, short clips in the main segment. Another problem with CinemaSins is that they are completely wrong about plot points and themes because they can’t bother to pay attention and then are being nitpicky about mistakes that were never actually made. Just like what they did in Everything Wrong with The Cabin in the Woods. An exception was The Room, where four bonus rounds happen concurrently along with the episode instead of the end of the episode. In a video for The Avengers, a technical counter error caused an extra sin to be added between the ninth and tenth sin, which ended up receiving 64 sins instead of 63.

“(Adjective, often “convenient”) is (adjective, again often “convenient”).” – Wryly commenting on something in the film (in the case of “convenient”, when something rare appears just as a character needs it.). ” Seconds of Logos” – Complaining about the length of the studio logo sequence in certain films.

Why Do Some People Hate Cinemasins?

On Canto Bight, we get DJ and Rose as the devil and angel on his shoulders. Rose is trying to show him that there is a galaxy full of people who are suffering just like he did, and that it’s his responsibility – as someone who has attained their own agency – to help them. I think SW main future is probably largely TV. They need to get someone a lot better to take over the movies that can do something legitimately new with it, but I don’t think that is going to be as easy as people think. ROTJ IMO is still the 2nd best Star Wars film, they’ve never topped that one since 1983 even though people try to hype other films as being better.