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All you must do is run the Speech troubleshooter from the Troubleshooters page. Run through the list quickly and make sure that your primary mic isn’t disabled. If it is, right-click it and choose Enable. The tab displays all the microphones connected to your PC. Go to Download driver and firmware for Surface , choose your Surface model then click Download. Run System File Checker in Windows In any event the issue still persists, we suggest to perform a Fresh Start.

  • Once you’ve made the change, restart the application and test to see if your microphone now works.
  • Google that problem and there are hundreds who had same problem and they all came to same conclusion delete all acer applications in control panel and pray.
  • Confirm the SIM has been activated correctly.
  • Toggle on the switch of Disable front panel jack detection and click on OK to save the change.

If the reset doesn’t fix the issue then warranty is usually the best choice as it’s free, but if warranty is unavailable then repair options is a pretty good choice as well. If you are upgrade eligible and have been meaning to get that awesome new phone that just hit the market then by all means do it! First android phone since having owned every iPhone from 4-7. This “genius” lost an 20+ year apple customer for life.

Method 9: Disallow Exclusive Control of Microphone

I’ve been teaching on Zoom for over a year now. Recently , I started having issues with audio when sharing my screen. I bought a new set of headphones thinking they were just getting old (they’re almost a year old), but the mew ones don’t work either.

I was a long time Android user who was constantly bothered by friends and family who swore that their I-phones were the only ones to use. After much consideration I relented and got an I-phone XR . No one can hear me on a phone call and I tried all of the available so called fixes.

MW2 Voice Service Unavailable: How To Fix

Seems the 2004 update broke the microphone drivers. I use an Asus Transfomer T100A and they have no updates for that model anymore. Only solution now is USB or Bluetooth microphone. I’m getting a Surface Go 2 now to replace this table which I’ve had for 7 years. If everything fails then it might be the audio driver which has become incompatible with the operating system and hardware device.

Make Microphone sure you plug in the microphone in this pink port only. For laptops, you will see a small symbol on the port which distinguishes microphone port from speaker port, as seen in image below. Reset it to clear any glitches with any of these and other attributes.